Alex Poliykov’s Series

4 December 2016,
4.00 p.m.

Program of the concert


S.Rachmaninov Sonata op.19, 3rd movement
(L.Fitzgerald with A.Poliykov)
S.Rachmaninov Suite Op.11
(L.Villafranca with A.Poliykov) 
M.Mussorgsky Pictures from and Exhibition


Saxophone with Piano
(Lannah Fitzgerald with Alex Poliykov)

P.Creston “Sonata op.19” 1st movement
J.Françaix “Five exotic dances”
E.Bozza “Aria”
R.Muczynski “Sonata”

Piano Duets
(Laura Villafranca with Alex Poliykov)

A.Khachaturian “Sabre Dance”
J.Williams “Star Wars – Cantina Band”
A.Dvorak “Legend op.59 #3”
R.Eilenberg “Petersburger Schlittenfahrt”
R.Federer “The Scarlet Cape”
J.Brahms “Hungarian Dance #5”
C.Gluck “Ballet from Orpheus &Eurydice”
L.Anderson “Sleigh Ride”
A.Piazzola “Libertango”

_mg_6973-4-copy-5Dear Friends,

I am delighted to invite you to the first concert of PiAnomalies series, that will be taking place at M.Steinert & Sons Performance Center, in Natick Mall on December 4th at 4.00 p.m.

At 4 o’clock you will be taken on a musical journey around the world. I will be joined by wonderful musicians and great artists, Laura Villafranca (Piano) and Lannah Fitzgerald (Saxophone) – together we will present hidden and well known gems of classical music literature. You will experience some of the most vibrant, breath taking, sensitive, joyful, nostalgic, sincere, tragic, fun, playful and inspiring pieces of music written for piano and accompanied by piano.

The main goal of these series is to create deep personal and emotional connection between the audience and the classical music. Every person has individual background and one’s own thoughts and feelings – and we aim to connect everyone’s soul to music’s background. This concert is truly an adventure beyond the “traditionally perceived” musical code that includes notes, rhythms, dynamics and speed. We aim to engage everyone’s imagination and creativity, to let you experience the music the way composer thought about it, but through your own thoughts and feelings.

Many pieces will be presented with a brief introduction, telling the story behind the composition, certain events from the composer’s life, and other interesting information relevant to the piece. So, before hearing each piece you will have some image, some idea, to possibly connect the music to. It may be very abstract, some vague emotions, or it might be very detailed – all depending on the piece. As you start listening to the music, the image, the idea, will come to life, resonating with your own personal, individual life experiences.

For students and children we have a special art project that will allow them to experience music beyond just the written notes. Although current piano students are highly encouraged to participate – everyone is welcome, as no musical experience is necessary! The musical piece for this project will be – “Pictures at an Exhibition” by M.P.Mussorgsky, which is a piano cycle of 10+ short pieces, each one of them has a title and represents certain character/story/setting. Each participant will receive a few recordings of a short pieces with their titles, and will be asked to create a few drawings/sketches, based on what he or she hears and knows about the given piece. Also, there will be one or two pieces sent without titles – and the participant will be drawing just based on the music, without any additional hints. This part of assignment will be especially valuable as majority of pieces in classical music repertoire do not have titles that represent the character and would give us a clue about the story behind the music, and we need to rely solely on our imagination and any additional knowledge, in order to perform such pieces.

If you wish to participate – please email us at info@poliykov.com, and you will receive assignment within 48 hours starting from 11/20/16. As the mentioned above piece will be performed at the concert, drawings representing particular piece from the cycle, will be presented to the audience. Each participant will receive certificate of participation. At the end, audience will choose top drawings, and the winners will receive awards.

Below you will find the program of the concert, and while it is set, we reserve the right for small changes in the repertoire and adjustments to the order. Final order will be published one week before the event.

Last but by no means least, I would like to express deep gratitude to M.Steinerts & Sons in Boston and Natick for hosting these events, and special thanks to Steve Hauk, without him, neither we, performers, nor the audience would be able to enjoy this beautiful music enriched by an unmatched tone of a remarkable Steinway piano on this Sunday evening.

Look forward to see you at this concert! Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy great music, open up your imagination, and to have a memorable family experience! Stay tuned for updates, as the second concert of PiAnomalies series will be scheduled in Winter of 2017.

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